About us

Casa Shalom means “House of Peace.”

The most important goal of Casa Shalom is to show the love of Jesus Christ to our children every day. Our desire is that each and every boy and girl at the orphanage come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Each staff member at Casa Shalom is committed to being Christ’s hands and feet to “the least of these.”

Boys and girls come to Casa Shalom after being orphaned, abandoned, abused or severely neglected by their families. Many have been forced to work instead of attending school. We seek to provide a place where children can grow in a nurturing, peaceful environment. We provide the children with 3 healthy meals a day from a menu designed by a nutritionist to meet the needs of our many children who arrive at the orphanage malnourished and underweight. We provide quality health care, clothing and a clean and safe environment where our children can thrive.

At Casa Shalom, we also seek to meet the educational needs of our children, and provide opportunities for them to attend school from preschool through high school, with university education as an option for our young people who graduate from high school.

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